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he tips below are designed to help singles build their profile properly, choose a good photo, and avoid boring messages.

First of all, singles should take enough time to check their text for spelling mistakes. You should be creative when it comes to self-portrayal, because with an original, lively and individual profile you stand out from the millions of members. However, you should not pretend, but always remain honest about your statements and information. The visitors to your profile should understand who they are dealing with and what that person wants. It is important to always remain self-critical, but not completely lose sight of your own charm.

The information begins with the pseudonym to be chosen, which often consists of a combination of the first name and the year of birth. In order to stand out from the crowd, singles at best choose a nickname that already gives an initial indication of their personality. The more complete the profile, the more information they offer potential visitors about yourself. In this way, you not only win more seriously interested members, but also possibly exclude unsuitable partners. As on every business card, there is nothing wrong with a little beautiful painting, but overall the right impression should be conveyed.

Even if it is sometimes uncomfortable – without a meaningful profile picture, the chances are much lower that an interested party will contact you. In any case, your photo should be of high quality, meaningful and as current as possible. At best, you should opt for a picture in which you smile and not show too much skin, so that you look both loving and serious. For example, while the photo from their last trip reveals something about their lifestyle and is extremely personable, selfies from cell phones tend to leave the impression that they are not serious.

Often the flirtation begins with a first, short message, with which singles express their own interest. However, it depends largely on how they communicate. To avoid trivial mistakes, singles stick to these helpful tips:

Although some shy candidates find it much easier to flirt in writing, the tone and individual mood in the chat are lost. In this context, a simple, ironic remark can go unexpectedly wrong. Therefore, singles should be rather short at the beginning and above all refrain from sexist comments. The situation is similar with the use of emojis and network acronyms: Singles use them as sparingly as possible so as not to appear childish.