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Overall, however, I am happy to take the Shiver again. And overall, after 22,950 kilometers, her condition is quite gratifying. However, the front tire is currently losing minimal air.

Test boss Andreas Bildl was literally charred by the Shiver on the way home in the evening. Without warning, it started to simmer at the USB port next to the fittings. Emergency stop and tool kit out. Nothing useful here. A driver, even an Aprilia driver, was able to help out. The cables were cut with small scissors. The cause research is ongoing.

Freshly back from the inspection, the Shiver went to the big accessories and clothing test. There she brought the combination of the low-lying sun from the front and the dirty road from the vertical. When diving into the ditch, the rear rim was severely deformed, but remained tight. In addition, her left side was heavily undulated. The accident driver didn’t fare so badly. The Shiver was then freshly set up at the importer’s premises.

Currently, the Aprilia Shiver endurance test is only little moved due to the weather. Test boss Andreas Bildl dared to go out onto the slopes when the winter conditions were still usable, but at some point had to bow to the onset of snowfall. The Aprilia was parked behind the guardrail and picked up by van.

The Aprilia Shiver has so far passed its long-term test with remarkable problem-freeness. There have been no mechanical problems to date, the twin with its charismatic sound is very appealing thanks to its set-up that is very suitable for country roads with a lot of pressure below and in the middle. We are happy to forgive him that he is a bit tough on the top. Even the cold does not prevent him from spontaneously starting work.

In return, the switch box is a bit more resinous to operate at these temperatures. The Italian woman’s wobbly and longitudinal groove-sensitive driving behavior has often been criticized. In addition to the steering head bearing, which has already been readjusted once, we suspect the fat six-inch rim, which is fitted with 180 mm rubbers. The wide rim makes its contour flatter and therefore less easy to steer. 5.5-inch rims are common for this tire width. But there is a way to find out: editor Johannes Müller’s partner Raja kindly gave us her Shiver 750, which is exactly the same size at the back, for a test-run replacement of the rim. Lo and behold: it fits. So, apart from the current weather, nothing stands in the way of an extended series of driving tests as part of the tire recommendation for the interim balance due in spring.

The Aprilia long-term test is ripe for a small update. Test boss Andreas Bildl noticed a slight staggering at low speed on the Shiver. The inspection of the steering head bearing revealed a rest point in the middle position. A short-term remedy was half a turn less preload on the steering head bearing nut. J