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According to a new study of the single exchange comparison, in which more than 800 German registry offices took part, 16.4% of the couples married in 2013 met each other on the Internet. Then there are all the couples who met online but are not married. As mentioned elsewhere, what we are looking for on the Internet is also very different. Some are just looking for a nice flirt or new acquaintances.

What can be said for sure is that a great many couples meet online these days, or that dating sites are very successful at bringing people together.

American researchers have also found that relationships that began on the Internet last longer, which is probably due to the intense conversations that took place before the first date.

Dating sites offer a unique opportunity to meet new people, make friends, and find the right partner. The prerequisite for this: be open and curious!

Reply to received messages, ask counter-questions and make an effort to get in touch with other members. Of course, it is even better if you take the initiative yourself and write to interesting profiles – the greater your chances of finding the perfect match.

We also recommend that you design your profile or ‘business card’ creatively, individually and in detail. Try to stand out from the competition – either with a nice profile picture, humorous profile text or interesting profile information.

Of course, you should never lie and portray yourself as more successful or more beautiful than you really are. The truth will catch up with you at the latest at the first meeting. However, it is perfectly fine and even recommended to highlight your best qualities. The profile text is an excellent tool for this.

This should of course be about you, your interests and wishes. If you can also convey your personality stylistically – for example through creative puns, jokes, idiosyncrasies, etc. – that’s a big plus. Everyone can write that they are funny; not all can prove that.

We come to the profile picture. It’s no secret that appearance continues to play a huge role in the online dating world. That’s why it doesn’t matter which photo you link to your dating profile. The dating app Tinder is a prime example of this: If you swipe left or right on Tinder, this is usually only based on an assessment of the first profile picture. So this has to hit the mark.

We wrote an article on the topic of profile picture, which hopefully can help you choose the right photo for your dating profile. If we are to briefly sum up the content, it is above all important to choose a picture that reflects your personality, highlights your most beautiful features and at the same time resembles you. We strongly advise against choosing edited images where your friends would not recognize you right away.

If you meet in the real world and you don’t look the way he / she imagined, your date will only feel misled and likely reject you too.

After all, you should keep your profile up to date, for example if you move, get a new job or plan a trip around the world. Also change your profile picture from time to time. An occasional update of the profile picture generates new activity and ensures that your picture remains current. This way, potential partners won’t be disappointed when you meet in the real world and you don’t look like you did three years ago.

The dating world is a jungle full of unforeseen challenges and traps, which is why we often rely on the experiences and recommendations of others is run by passionate dating experts who want to feed Germans with tips and tricks for dating. This includes, among other things, transparent overviews of the various dating options.