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Otherwise, this may be interpreted as an urge and lead to the opposite result. We’re all human, so you should take your time getting to know each other so that there are no misunderstandings.

Nudging functions, which are mainly known from various dating agencies such as PARSHIP, are only supported by a few platforms in this area. For example, offers users erotic greeting cards. A nice saying can simply be used here. Then you select an appealing picture and you have already made the first contact. It is more about luring the user to their own profile. Perhaps he will then take the initiative.

The release of images with a small message on C-Date or the smile, which only women can use at LOVEPOINT, can offer similar successes. Our team was impressed by the possibilities, especially since more than 50% of the cases were answered with little effort.

Gifts can be a good alternative to maintaining a partnership. is the only provider to offer the option of adding a small present to a message. It can be about different things, from kiss to whip you can send a lot.

Sometimes there is also the option of making discreet calls. A separate anonymous system is provided for this, via which the SMS or telephone calls are then distributed. Your own mobile phone number does not have to be given and does not appear on any invoice. However, you should only use this function when the acquaintance becomes more serious.

In the area of ​​casual partnerships, great value is always placed on discretion and anonymity. You can decide for yourself who you want to share your profile photos with, as they are initially displayed blurred or covered with a mask. So you can be sure that you won’t be exposed in front of anyone.

Another large area are the so-called fake profiles or even romance scammers. These are fraudsters who try to lure users to other portals, or even to build emotional bonds, in order to then elicit money from users through incredible life stories. Effective measures here are the manual examination of the profiles and authentication or the ID check.

Protection against “cheaters” plays a particularly important role in casual dating. Who would want to write with people who are not really serious, or even with women who do not exist. For this reason, the portals offer different security mechanisms to reliably sort out fakes.

There are various procedures for doing this. The profile pictures are usually examined carefully so that it can be excluded that they were simply taken from the Internet and do not belong to the person himself.