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For the Sunday morning partner market test, our author Flowerence went looking for a partner. In this article, she will tell you why she is most likely to see her chances of love at Parship and ElitePartner. Sunday morning pays all subscriptions out of pocket and is not sponsored by a provider.

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Anyone looking for great love on the internet is spoiled for choice. And that relates first of all to the choice of platform. There is something here for everyone – to put it simply.

For the cultured singles with level that you know from advertising, for singles over 50, for homosexual singles, for singles willing to marry, for adventurous, not-necessarily-singles and so on and so on … It seems to me that someone brings pots and lids together then it is the Internet.

And you don’t even have to dress up, you can also sit on the couch in a jogger. At least until the first date. How my partner search went and why my Parship experiences were the best for me personally, you will find out in this post.

You can find detailed information about the online partner search in our advisory article on the topic of “dating agency”. We’ll tell you the differences between dating sites and dating agencies and give you tips for your partner search; We have initially focused on three large platforms.

Thanks to their size and catchy advertising promises, most of you are sure to be familiar with these three dating sites. “Academics and singles with a high level”, you’ve probably heard or read that before. And the fact that a single falls in love with Parship every 11 minutes is almost part of general education. In our partner exchange test we get to the bottom of the slogans.

Small spoiler: How long the single in love has to wait for the second single, which makes the couple complete, I couldn’t find out.

I don’t even build up a big arc of tension – I leave that to your possible partner search. My personal test gave me two favorites: Parship and ElitePartner.