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So there are no fees, no obligations and no hidden costs.

Finya does not see itself exclusively as a dating site, but is structured like a social network site, on which you can easily make new contacts and friendships.

The profile can be designed in great detail and individually, users can indicate their current “status” and mark the posts of other users with “I like” as on Facebook. At Finya, getting to know other singles is not only free, but also fun.

The dating site’s popularity is also reflected in the many awards Finya has won over time. Among other things, website of the year 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015 and 2016 as well as best single exchange 2016 (FOCUS 27/16) and most sought-after online dating agency 2020 can be mentioned here.

The various dating sites are very similar in structure and structure. This is why it is usually not difficult to find your way around other dating sites once you know the system.

Almost all dating sites have a search and message function, just like you can usually create a profile with text and pictures. After registering via email or Facebook, you have to choose a user name and provide various data relevant to the profile such as age, place of residence, religion and appearance, which other users of the site can use to find you. Optionally, you can also upload a profile picture and write a profile text.

Detailed profiles are more attractive and interesting and generally get more attention from other users. It is therefore advisable to fill out your profile completely with text and images. But this is often easier said than done, because how do you choose the perfect photo for your dating profile? We wrote an article on the subject where you can read our top tips on choosing your profile picture.

Many dating sites also recommend their members to write a profile text. The profile text is your opportunity to give profile visitors a credible first impression of you. Why should they get to know you? In this article we will give you the recipe for a profile text, which will hopefully help you to attract the right fish into the net.

When you are satisfied with your dating profile, you can start looking for a partner. Use the search function to find potential partners and write interesting profiles directly. Note that a premium membership is often required to be able to contact other users.

You should of course choose the dating site that best suits you and your desires. So the first thing to do before registering on a random site is to consider what type of relationship you are looking for.