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The Rhenish specialty market on Wendersplatz was an attempt in which the city “paid a lot of money”. The concept had a weak point. The city wants to help the showmen on. A first summit is arranged for this. BY CHRISTOPH KLEINAU

In a new publication, the LVR Office for the Preservation of Monuments records settlements on the Rhine that are worth preserving. Neuss is well represented. BY ANDREAS BUCHBAUER

In the day care centers in Neuss, significantly more children are currently being looked after than during the first Corona lockdown in spring 2020. BY BEATE BERRISCHEN

Hans-Josef Lenzen, chairman of the Funkaxi Neuss interest group, receives support from his rifle brothers. You volunteer to drive to the vaccination appointment.

In the Rhine district of Neuss, infections with corona mutation forms were detected for the first time. The South African virus line was found in a woman from Kaarst, the British virus line was discovered in a couple from Neuss and their niece.

Series Philip Dreher is stage manager at the RLT. He sits on the big stage in every performance in the theater. But he is invisible to the public. BY HELGA BITTNER

Two Dusseldorf had arranged to buy a game console in Neuss via an internet platform. When they met the supposed sellers there, one of the strangers pulled a revolver and demanded money.

Appointments for all over 80s started last week. What you need to know about the award, here at a glance. BY CHRISTOPH KLEINAU

After the Schützengipfel many clubs know that the season was over before it started. And the Neusser Bürgerschützen make it clear: Better not have a party than a small one. BY CHRISTOPH KLEINAU

Stephan Glasmacher, who works as a volunteer from Neuss, has had a mission since October: to help children in crisis areas to regain a piece of their childhood. BY DIRK SITTERLE

On Wednesday, around 7.30 p.m., residents of an apartment building on Föhrenstrasse informed the police that they had observed a man lighting bulky rubbish. According to the witnesses, he had previously also rioted and thrown pallets against a front door.

Because of “police control”! A stranger stole on Friday around 6 p.m. from a truck driver who was observing his legally prescribed rest period in the industrial area in the Taubental.

Update Police on Thursday were looking for a 29-year-old woman who was reported missing. On Friday morning the woman was found with a casual acquaintance at his address in Hagen.

The public prosecutor’s office searched several apartments on Wednesday and had a Kaarster arrested as the main culprit. 100 officers had been undercover for months. The Neusser Stadtwerke are also one of the cheated. BY CHRISTOPH KLEINAU

As an alternative date for the major event, the 22nd