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The Aprilia Shiver 900 was the character actor during the endurance test. Never streamlined, with a little rough edges – and yet underestimated. She completed the 50,000 kilometers mostly unobtrusively and well. How good was shown during dismantling.

You always do your job well and reliably, but because you don’t shine with show values ​​or push yourself into the limelight, it is easy to overlook what you have achieved. The Aprilia 900 Shiver could feel like this after the endurance test. She hurried through the 50,000-kilometer distance in just under two and a half years and did nothing during that time other than reliably accompanying her chauffeur on vacation and weekend trips or rocking him from the apartment to the editorial office and back. And because she did it so well and inconspicuously, she almost flew a little under the radar, while Street Triple, Duke 790 or S 1000 RR reaped enthusiastic comments about crisp riding fun and exuberant dynamism. Those who were on the road with the Shiver usually dismounted with a satisfied smile. “Actually a great motorcycle, great V2, nice sound”. This or something like that was usually what the comments about their advantages were, with which they secretly crept into the hearts of the test drivers. And so it has become a bit of an insider tip for relaxed weekend trips.

She was certainly not spared, two hearty touchdowns and two complete winters demanded a lot from her. But thanks to her robust nature she took it with grandeur. But the Aprilia 900 Shiver also has rough edges: The gearbox acts bony, the suspension setup turned out to be a bit inharmonious, the driving behavior sometimes not very neutral. With the right tires, however, the Italian was in great shape in the tumult of corners. This, and their extreme reliability, is likely to be the key to their popularity. It never really stayed where it was and the list of defects is short.

Steering head bearing (replaced as part of the warranty during the 20,000 inspection), clutch switch (38,000 kilometers) and manifold seal of the rear cylinder (45,500 kilometers), that’s basically it. The Aprilia 900 Shiver cannot be held responsible for the fact that the lambda probe was damaged when it was replaced.

Just like ailing accessories. Spectacularly smoking, the USB socket from the in-house range of accessories said goodbye to the endurance test for the first time after around 23,000 kilometers. The replacement socket did the same about 3,000 kilometers later. The Aprilia 900 Shiver then kept the third socket until the end of the test. Just like the rubbing and squeaking of the brakes that cannot be switched off shortly before stopping.